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We have an array of calling programs ready to maintain and build your circulation base. Below is a list of outbound services we offer.

Former Customer Calling Campaigns

We initiate calls to former customers within days from the date they stop and will rotate your formers that fall into the existing business relationship category to move them back into an active subscription.

Collection Calling

Never Stop provides paid only programs with former customers that have a balance. You stipulate the calling parameters to on what part of the balance you want collected and the offer of the new subscription.

Grace Calling

Our approach on these calls include balance collection, upgrading term, frequency, and Easy-Pay. We also have digital incentives we offer that help us complete the call with success. We can work from a file or log into your circulation system to handle the data input required.

Sunday Select/ Verified Delivery

Calling new customers to receive free print products. We capture their information and record the verification for audit purposes. Never Stop has outperformed other companies to get the volume per zip code required to pass your audit and maximize your pre-print revenue.

New Acquisition Calling

Our most promising programs are new mover and cell phone calling with a pre-qualified sampling. We engage the customers over the phone with your product details and get them to accept a sample of your newspaper. At a later time during the sampling period, we will follow-up with a product satisfaction call and sell them a subscription.

PCI Compliance

Our credit compliance entails not storing or recording any credit card information on our premises. We can integrate with any processor a publication may be utilizing.

Credit Card Declines

Calling your existing customers to procure new credit card information so the newspaper can process their payment.

TCPA Complaint

Our manual dial platform does not have any ATDS capability and was develop to keep all cell phone calling within the scope of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We have human intervention on each and every dial. We do not have any integration between our two dialing platforms; each has its own separate database.

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