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About Never Stop Select Services

Why our starts never stop:

Our History

Never Stop Select Services is a newspaper marketing company that started in 1993 under the name Never Stop, INC founded by Kelly Epley.  It was formed in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel in Parkersburg, WV.  The Sentinel also turned out to be Epley’s first client.  Epley was attending Marietta College in Ohio at the time.  To make some extra money while in college, Epley contacted the publisher of the newspaper, Ed Kruger.  Kruger agreed to first let Epley sell the paper over the phone and later agreed to have Never Stop setup its call center in his paper.

In 2006, Epley transformed the business into a multifaceted call center that tailors services to several industries and changed its name to Never Stop Select Services to better reflect its direction.  Never Stop continues to serve many different industries, and we look forward to our future successes as a third party outsourcing partner.

  • Rentention Calling 80% 80%
  • New-start acquisition 60% 60%
  • Credit card declines 50% 50%
  • Sunday Select 65% 65%

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